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Choose Your Own Adventure
Each works as a standalone story experience in its own right. But they complement each other as well. All of our stories are set inside the magical world of the Kingdom of Gaspaar.

The Max Letters

12-month subscription
One epic fantasy adventure story told through 24 magical letters across a year. Follow Prince Max and his fantastic friends on an exciting quest to find the greatest treasure in the land.
LEARN MOREFinished your year & looking for the sequel?
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The Max Letters: Collection 2

12-month subscription
A sequal to Collection 1. Another epic fantasy adventure story told through 24 letters. Prince Max and his fantastic friends are reunited in another perilous quest and race against time.
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Folktales of Gaspaar

12-month subscription
Great for younger children!
Each of the 24 magical letters features a new story. Gather in the royal kitchen to hear the good cook, full of stories of old from far and wide, tell his favorite tales to the children of Gaspaar.
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